Revlon Colorstay Provence NOTD Swatch & Review!

Revlon Provence

Revlon Provence

I used the sky as my backdrop for this bottle of polish, what an amazing colour! Was a gorgeous day so I had to take advantage of it. It did make the shade in the bottle look greyer than it actually is, however.

The first of the newer incarnation of Revlon Colorstay nail enamels (my favourite) that I purchased was this one, Provence. It wasn’t recently, it was some time ago as it is sadly now discontinued. Thankfully it is still usable. Now that I think of it, I still have some of the first versions of the Revlon Colorstay polishes that are still usable, remember when they came in a duo pack with a topcoat? Those. I have a bunch of those still. How long have I had these, 10 years? 15?

Revlon Provence is a pale, greyed out lavender shade. It has just enough purple in it to see that there’s a colour there, but still subtle and neutral enough for even the most conservative of venues. It is sheer and streaky in one coat, but evens out nicely with two coats. Dry time is a little longer with this one as it stays tacky for a while. Swatches below are with no topcoat. Still pretty shiny without it, I think.

Revlon Provence Shade

Revlon Provence in shade

Revlon Provence Sun

Revlon Provence with Flash

And I can’t help myself with topcoats, I added a layer of Essie As Gold As It Gets and then another of Revlon Colorstay Calla Lily for a bit of faint shimmer to add some depth and interest.

Revlon Provence with topcoats

Revlon Provence with gold topcoats


It’s more of a spring shade rather than summer, but I think it’s something nice and light for the super hot days we’ve been having here lately!

Enjoy your week!