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Grey Gradient NOTD!

Greydient Greys!
Greydient Greys!

I talked myself out of naming this post “Graydient” NOTD. I’m a bit surprised I’ve never tried this before! Used for today’s nails: OPI Black Onyx, Yves Rocher mini Grix Precieux, L’Oreal Greycian Goddess, Rimmel 60 Seconds Grey Matter and a mini Markwins white polish intended for french manicures. The two mid greys looked closer in shade on camera than they did in person, and I had to use flash to bring out the dark grey in the Yves Rocher shade which dried considerably darker than the bottle colour, but overall I did like the effect! Photos in different lights!





I made it a day before putting on a coat of Revlon Graffiti top coat, I like this too! I think I will be doing more of these!


Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Studded Black Leather NOTD Nail Dotter Experiments!

L'Oreal She's So Matte, Sally Hansen Celeb City
L’Oreal She’s So Matte, Sally Hansen Celeb City

Something different for today’s NOTD! I used L’Oreal She’s So Matte and Sally Hansen Celeb City for this look. L’Oreal She’s So Matte is a flat black polish that is pretty opaque in one coat but I used two for this NOTD. I really like the effect, but unfortunately it chips very quickly (like most matte polishes) which might have something to do with not being able to use a topcoat, so I don’t use it very often. I’m not able to find this on their website anymore, so it was probably a limited edition. Sally Hansen Celeb City is a shimmery sparkly silver that has been around for years and is still in production.

First two coats of L’Oreal She’s So Matte, which dried very quickly as mattes generally do. I then used the smaller side of my new nail dotter to add metallic “studs” all around the edges with Sally Hansen Celeb City. With the matte black, it sort of had a look of studded black leather!

L'Oreal She's So Matte Base, Sally Hansen Celeb City Dots
L’Oreal She’s So Matte Base, Sally Hansen Celeb City Dots
L'Oreal She's So Matte Base, Sally Hansen Celeb City Dots
L’Oreal She’s So Matte Base, Sally Hansen Celeb City Dots

I enjoyed the interesting leathery look for a while, and decided I wanted to see what it looked like shiny before it started to chip. I added a quick coat of NYC Grand Central Station clear coat (which is fantastic by the way). Now I can’t decide if I like it better shiny or matte!

L'Oreal She's So Matte Base, Sally Hansen Celeb City Dots, NYC Topcoat
L’Oreal She’s So Matte Base, Sally Hansen Celeb City Dots, NYC Topcoat

And because why not, I did the inverse on the other hand. It was harder to paint and photograph with the “wrong” hand but I thought it was still interesting enough to share!

L'Oreal She's So Matte Dots, Sally Hansen Celeb City Base
L’Oreal She’s So Matte Dots, Sally Hansen Celeb City Base


This was a fun and easy nail project. 🙂 Like any the best?

Have a good week!

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L’Oreal Rough Around the Edges NOTD Swatch & Review!

L'Oreal Rough Around the Edges
L’Oreal Rough Around the Edges

As promised on my related post with L’Oreal Too Dimensional, here’s the swatches for it’s black counterpart, Rough Around the Edges 139. These polishes are of L’Oreal’s Gold Dust line of textured polishes. They have a slightly gritty, super fine sandpaper feel to them which also forces them to look matte. And I LOVE them, far more than I thought I would.

L’Oreal Rough Around the Edges is a billion silver micro glitter in a black base. It goes on opaque in 2 coats but I used 3 for these swatch photos. The effect makes me think of what might happen if you dipped freshly painted still wet black nails into super finely ground up diamonds. From a far distance, nails look to be a shiny very dark grey, closer you can see the glitter, and in the sun it’s stunning. The photos do not do it justice. It is a really different, modern, edgy look.

The first couple of pictures I took while it was still a bit wet.

L'Oreal Rough Around the Edges
L’Oreal Rough Around the Edges



And a few when completely dry, looking more rough and matte.

L'Oreal Rough Around the Edges
L’Oreal Rough Around the Edges


I eventually caved and put a topcoat on my ring finger as shown below, and I still liked it just as much!

L'Oreal Rough Around the Edges with topcoat on ring finger
L’Oreal Rough Around the Edges with topcoat on ring finger

When you wash your hands the greyish cast turns back to black for a while, the little gritty bumps hold that much moisture. I thought it was worth mentioning. I only have the 2 rough texture polishes, this and the L’Oreal Too Dimensional so these are pretty unique and original to me, although the textured nails polishes have been around for a while. Rough Around the Edges appears to be a pretty good dupe for Zoya Dahlia and OPI A-nise Treat which have both been around longer, but you can probably find the L’Oreal for cheaper if this is a look you’re interested in! I’m really glad I found this (by accident even) as it’s my new favourite!

L'Oreal Rough Around the Edges
L’Oreal Rough Around the Edges

Have a great weekend!

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L’Oreal Too Dimensional Swatch & Review NOTD!

L'Oreal Too Dimensional
L’Oreal Too Dimensional

When I found these polishes I had no idea they were from a limited textured polish line! There was no signage at the display, no markings on the bottle to tell me as much. I was drawn in as the store I was at had all L’Oreal polishes on sale for about 50% off, maybe I was blinded by that! I grabbed this one, L’Oreal Too Dimensional, and another, L’Oreal Rough Around The Edges which will be watched and reviewed another day, on the merit of looking cool and interesting in the bottles alone. As luck would have it I got something far more interesing than I anticipated!

L’Oreal Too Dimensional 136, I discovered, is from their Colour Riche Gold Dust 3D Texture nail colour line. This is my first of any of these types although they have been around for a while. Too Dimensional is a medium denim like blue base full –  really loaded – with gold micro glitter and medium hexagonal glitter. It dries quickly to a slightly rough to touch (but not enough to, say, snag your pantyhose) somewhat matte yet glittery finish. I don’t have anything like this and liked the effect right away! You aren’t supposed to use a top coat with these so that you get the full intended effect, but I’m sure it would look just as nice shiny! I couldn’t bring myself to add a top coat for pictures today, I was really enjoying the matte, roughish edgy texture too much. Perhaps I will make them shiny for a future NOTD.

L'Oreal Too Dimensional
L’Oreal Too Dimensional

This shade needs 2 coats for it’s full effect, however if you are having some kind of “I need sparkly blue nails absolutely RIGHT NOW!” emergency, you can get away with one coat and be out the door in seconds as it does seem to dry very quickly. This could just be the rough texture fooling me though! Here it is at one coat, looking a little more lavender.

L'Oreal Too Dimensional One Coat
L’Oreal Too Dimensional One Coat

And here it is with two coats in the sun. It looks a bit brighter blue in the photos, in person it is a slightly more muted greyer blue.

L'Oreal Too Dimensional Swatch
L’Oreal Too Dimensional Swatch
L'Oreal Too Dimensional Swatch
L’Oreal Too Dimensional Swatch

Here’s an unfocused photo so you can see more of that amazing golden glitter!


And some with bottle photos indoors. That gold glitter is amazing! I really like this one, so glad I found it, even if by accident!





Have a great week!

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L’Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner: A Review & Repurpose

I received this eyeliner, L’Oreal Voluminous eyeliner in black, as a GWP with a mascara, and I’m grateful I didn’t actually spend money on it. If I had, it would have gone right back. This is probably the single worst cosmetic I have ever had the misfortune of trying to use.

L'Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner
L’Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner

I’ll start with something nice. This is a felt tip marker style eyeliner. The chisel tip is handy and easy to use. You can use it on the flat side for a wider line, or the edge for a thinner one, as swatched here.

Swatch of L'Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner
Swatch of L’Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner

That is where the good points end. I pressed fairly hard to get the solid line as swatched. The colour is not particularly pigmented. I suppose you could get a deeper black, more solid line with several passes over, but if I need the speed and ease of a marker type eyeliner, I’m not going to want to bother with several passes over. After being left to dry for 5 minutes, it didn’t set very well. I was able to smear it as shown. This product would have no hope of lasting through a rainy day, or on an even slightly oily lid such as mine.

L'Oreal voluminous Eyeliner, smeared after setting 5 mins
L’Oreal voluminous Eyeliner, smeared after setting 5 mins

When tested on my eye, I noticed a strange chemical smell I have never experienced with any cosmetic in the past. This eyeliner smells more like a sharpie than it does a genuine makeup item. After a few minutes on my eye, I noticed that it both stung and was starting to swell. I am not generally sensitive to anything at all makeup wise, so this was hugely surprising. Luckily for me, it did wash off easily due to its lack of pigment and staying power. The swelling lasted about a day.

After deciding this was never going on my face again, my resourceful side decided it needed a different use. My boots needed a touch up, and this marker did a respectable job!

My poor beat up leather boots! They are several years old but I can’t replace them being out of work and all, so I’m glad I can use this awful eyeliner to help them out in the meantime. A before and after. That is a very scuffed up leather toe, not dirt. Boots were cleaned before applying the eyeliner to the toes.

Badly scuffed boot, before
Badly scuffed boot, before
Badly scuffed boot, after
Badly scuffed boot, after

I’d imagine this touch up would wash off with one rainy day, however. Just grateful I found a use for this truly terrible eyeliner!

My negative review haiku:

Apply…. ouch my eye!
L’Oreal boot polisher.
No wonder it’s free.