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Stila Gold Glow, a Shimmery Summer Eyeshadow/Bronzer, Swatches & Eye Look!

Stila Gold Glow
Stila Gold Glow

I’ve had this eyeshadow pan for ages but I only seem to think to use it when warmer weather hits. This Stila Gold Glow is a refill baked on a terracotta disk, intended to go inside a round case with a clear twist off lid that apparently sells for an atrocious $37. If I remember correctly, I managed to nab this, along with a Bronze Glow refill buddy (I’ll do that one later), for $12 including shipping from ebay a few years ago. Much more manageable!

Stila Gold Glow is a trio of shades including a beautiful metallic gold, a warm satiny golden brown, and a shimmery ivory shade. The ivory part has a bit too much sparkle in it for me to want to use as a brow bone highlight, but I do like it in the inner corner, and alone on the lid with a strong berry lip. Some swatches in indoor lighting, shade from sun, and flash.

Stila Gold Glow Swatches
Stila Gold Glow Swatches

The texture of these is similar to most baked eyeshadows in that they are somewhat dry but silky and blendable. The advertise them to be used both dry and wet, however you can use any eyeshadow like that. I use these without an eyeshadow primer as I find that actually makes wear worse for me, my regular foundation does just fine as a base. Shown on my eye here with the gold on the lid, the brown in crease, and the highlighter in inner corner with a tiny bit on brow bone. The photo below includes the rest of the products used for this look, including Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara (sample size, black) and Milani Liquif’eye liner in brown.

Stila Gold Glow on eye
Stila Gold Glow on eye
Stila Gold Glow, Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara, Milani Liquif'Eye Liner
Stila Gold Glow, Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara, Milani Liquif’Eye Liner

I find these last fairly well all day, even in the heat. They do fade in intensity a small amount, but the effect is still nice as it sort of melds with your skin somewhat for a nice glowy summer look. I do like these, but I would never pay their regular retail price for them. Although they are nice, I find these to be more in line with a better quality drugstore eyeshadow, which is around the price I paid. The amount of product you get is huge as well, so this will (and has) last me a long time. They also say you can use this as a bronzer, but I think that would be too shimmery for me. I will stick to using this as eyeshadow!

Do you have a favourite summer eye look?

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Review: Eye Studio Sampler 2013 from Shoppers Drug Mart

Products included in the Shoppers Drug Mart Eye Studio Mascara Sampler 2013
Products included in the Shoppers Drug Mart Eye Studio Mascara Sampler 2013

I received a lovely and thoughtful gift of this mascara sampler for xmas 2013 from my mother, who knowing my skepticism regarding the cost of high end beauty products, told me to give ’em a try to “find out if it makes a difference or not”.  Below are the mascaras reviewed in no particular order (just how I pulled them out of the box day to day).  Accompanying my own assessments are the ratings from Paula’s Choice as available, as I do find that their ratings on products outside their own line to be quite fair, and quick to point out if a harmful ingredient is included that may cause issues, which I greatly appreciate.  When I reference a “heated curl”, this is when I heat up my eyelash curler for a moment with a blowdrier, tested quickly by a touch on my inner arm (much like one would with a baby bottle) to make sure it won’t burn me, then used to curl lashes as normal.

Benefit Bad Gal: 6/10, Average review on Paula’s Choice (and I agree)

-Overly large brush, not great for deep set eyes like mine as it kinda bumped skin a bit.
-Very good singular lash definition even at 4 coats. No real clumping or need to comb out.
-Decent length at 4 coats, but lack of volume.
-Took a curl reasonably well (non heated). Edit: Curl dropped out within the hour.
-Glossy black well separated finish, flexible
-Small flakes at a few hours.
-Minimal eye irritation.
-Top and bottom eyelashes occasionally slightly stuck together when blinking, likely due to glossier formula.
-2 face washes to remove.
-This product would be good for someone not looking for volume, but for an enhanced natural look with slightly longer, well separated and glossy lashes.

Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition: Poor review on Paula’s Choice due to the alcohol content, and I agree. Might not test.

-Alarming smell of strong alcohol right when tube is opened, and ingredients does list it. Apprehensive about testing this as I worry it will sting my eyes.
-This product would be good for no one, don’t put alcohol in your eye.

Note: tested product carefully and briefly and determined it was possibly formulated for asian eye shape challenges (from personally heard anecdotes from friends and colleagues – application, performance and smearing/smudging concerns due to monolids, the alcohol content would make it dry faster to circumvent this)

Clarins Wonder Perfect: 9/10, Best rating on Paula’s Choice (and I agree)

-Incredibly deep velvety black shade. I’ve never seen a mascara so intensely dark.
-Non glossy, velvety matte black finish.
-Some clumping at 2 coats.
-Wetter formula, normal sized manageable brush.
-Made lower lashes look very long
-Applied a 3rd coat when dry, crazy length although there were some clumps to comb out, they weren’t too bad
-Took a curl but drooped as it was non heated
-Dry and non sticky, no flakes so far
-Zero eye irritation
-Still somewhat flexible when dry, not entirely crispy
-Seems a bit water resistant. Washed off after 2 full washes. Eyelashes felt soft when cleaned.
-So far clear frontrunner.
-This product would be good for someone looking for a rich, velvety plush lash with length and volume.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color: 8/10, No Paula’s Choice review on this particular kind at time of review

-Standard spool style brush of normal size which suits my needs just fine.
-Decent black matte color.
-Minimal clumping even at 3 coats
-Built more length than volume, but built reasonably well by 3 coats
-Drier formula which I find is easier to work with for cleaner multiple coats
-No eye irritation
-Nice fanned out fringe that took a curl ok (non heated), didn’t immediately fall out
-Bit of flaking when touched
-Dried soft and flexible
-Top and bottom lashes stuck a tiny bit when blinking, but this was at 3 coats.
-This product would be good for someone looking for a well rounded every day mascara that performs well but not a huge amount of volume. Good for a quick office look on a rushed morning.

Lancome Hypnose Drama: 5/10, Average Paula’s Choice review (she was more generous than I)

-Large, S shaped wavy brush picked up and deposited huge gobs of product even after being scraped off.
-Clumped. Lots. Even at just one coat. Had to brush it out to give it a chance.
-Started flaking within minutes of drying.
-So gobby I didn’t want to apply another coat. Edit: took risk with another coat. Spider lashes.
-Lower lashes looked short even after application.
-Light rose scent as many other Lancome eye products. Doesn’t bother me, but eye products don’t need fragrance.
-Took curl well.
-Lashes still soft when dry.
-Washed off easily in shower.
-Note: This mascara’s formula reminded me a lot of L’oreal’s other offerings (L’oreal owns Lancome) only L’oreal’s brushes perform much better with their more manageable size and shape.
-This product would be good for: Tammy Faye Bakker, drag queens
-Tried this mascara with a preferred brush wand from Maybelline Full n’ Soft and it performed somewhat better

Note: read a few other reviews of this product that circumvented all the goop and clumping by wiping off most of the product on a tissue prior to use, but I will be damned if I’m going to waste the majority of a costly beauty product by throwing it away before it even gets a chance on my face. A high end product should work out of the box without any screwing around to get it to function well (or in this case tube).

Smashbox Eye Brightening: 8.5/10 No Paula’s Choice review on this particular kind

-Average size dense bushy brush
-Good matte black shade
-Separated eyelashes, still ok separation at 2 coats
-Built pretty good length and ok volume at 2 coats
-Wouldn’t want to go more than 2 coats as it was already getting a little spidery/furry
-Very resistant to flaking, even when I tried to make it flake, would be great for contacts
-Dried soft and flexible
-Seemed to hold a non heated curl better than most
-Washed off easily but did sting a little tiny bit when the watery mascara got into eyes, not enough to be a deal breaker though
-This product would be good for someone who wants to only put on one fast coat and have effective results for a quick daytime look.
-A very close second pick out of this bunch of 6.

Bourjois Non Oily Eye Makeup Remover 6/10

I did not find that this product performed any better or worse than any other remover that I have, and I have a range from no name cheapies to high end as well. It claims to be non oily, but does have that super slick thin oily silicone feel. Anyone who has ever applied flea drops to the back of their dog or cat’s neck knows this particular slick oily but not oily feel. Left remains of waterproof mascara despite claiming to be “ideal for waterproof makeup”. As always, still had to wash face as usual after use to remove all traces of both the makeup and remover.

So, in conclusion, was the high end worth it?  The answer is “sometimes”, and unfortunately on a case by case basis as different things work well for different people.  If you have a drug store product you love love love, by all means don’t waste your cash searching for the elusive holy grail product, you will only disappoint yourself.  If you are like me, and your favourite has been discontinued and/or is impossible to find (my beloved Maybelline Full n’ Soft waterproof) then by all means grab one of these sampler packs and have some fun! The best part was the gift certificate for a full sized mascara, free, once you pick your favourite!