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An Auspicious Surprise!

Today I had the very unexpected surprise and honor of being nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the charming (and also Canadian!) TryMePretty. I’ve seen a lot these around the blogosphere lately, and tried my best to investigate the origin, as I am a sucker for an intriguing background story. So far as I can ascertain, there is no governing entity for these, and that a nomination provides you the opportunity to share some things about yourself you otherwise might not, share your appreciation with some blogs you yourself enjoy and spread the word, and to give others you deem worthy a platform to do the same. Essentially, a nomination = a win?

What even is this?!
What even is this?!

This Very Inspiring Blogger Award (even just the nomination) comes along with a small entourage of accouterments for a full experience of blog involvement. There are logos, “rules”, questions… but I am a more than a bit non conformist and as this recognition does not seem to have any proper governing entities, I see no reason to not make it (for the purpose of this post, anyway) my own. I also prefer quality content over spammy hamminess, and will make adjustments accordingly.

Starting with the “rules”. I have this portion in quotation marks as every single blog I check seems to have modified them in one way or another. I will present each “rule” as it has been presented to me, and follow it up with my own fine tuning.

This might be more "blatant disregard" than "fine tuning"
This might be more “blatant disregard” than “fine tuning”

“Rules” (I dislike this word greatly. Lets consider this a list of loose guidelines).

1) Thank and link/follow the amazing person who nominated you! Done and done. TryMePretty‘s blog is an especially nice treat for me as it is a fellow Canadian, meaning I can actually find and use the products she discusses myself!

2) List the rules (oh, there’s that word again) and display the award! OK! I did a search and it seems there are a few to choose from for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, but I liked the light blue one. I like it enough to maybe even have it in my side bar for at least a while. And here it is. If you don’t like this one, or any of the others easily found online, make your own! Heck if I had the software I might even make my own!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award
Very Inspiring Blogger Award

3) Share seven facts about yourself. Mkay this is where it gets a bit tricky. Although it might not seem it as I have an open to the public blog, I am actually a very private person. That can be my first thing! Alright here goes:

– most would never know it, but I am very strongly introverted. Those who are as well understand. This is not to be confused with lack of confidence, or just being shy. I’m not. Perhaps I’ll do a post with some links I found helpful on this topic some time.

– I love sleep. But sleep hates me. One of my most frequent wishes is that I could be that person who can sleep anywhere, any time, through anything at all. But instead my brain jolts me awake whenever it pleases for no discernible reason whatsoever. It feels like a tiny electric shock! ZAP! Awake now! Trade off though: when I DO sleep, I have the most vivid, highly detailed, long movie type dreams, with layer upon layer of symbolism and insights I don’t get during my waking hours. Luckily I’ve awoken from these laughing rather than screaming.

– I have had, at the same time, a fire bellied toad and a fire bellied newt as pets. It’s been years but I still kinda miss them. They were named Pickle and Pepita respectively. I do not, however, miss having to feed them live crickets.

– finally, a beauty blog related fact: my hair measures 34 inches (86 cms) from the middle of the top of my head to the ends, no plans for a large cut any time soon. My hair is rather fine and I need the length to make up for bulk in updos/buns which otherwise look wimpy and weird.

– I cannot sit still or stay awake through most movies. I have a friend who jokes (every time I can’t sleep) that I should try watching Lord of the Rings again, as I seem to be out within the first few minutes every time. I’ve never seen Titanic, as well as many other iconic movies and honestly can’t muster up a fig to give about it either. Even with movies I enjoy, it’s bad. I watched (and liked) the Hunger Games and still got up 4 times in the first 20 minutes. I just can’t sit for them, I need to be doing something else at the same time. Paradoxically, I like TV shows and will watch a whole series on Netflix as fast as I’m able.

– I am allergic to the sun. For real, no joke, no vampire antics. I wasn’t always, but after my long tenure of graveyard shifts, one day my body decided that sunlight would give me hives, and I’ve been that way ever since. I had on SPF 45 today and wasn’t even in the sun for more than 30 minutes, non consecutive, and there it is on my hands and arms. For anyone interested in more information, or requires confirmation that this is in fact an actual thing, please look up Polymorphic Light Eruption.

– I love beauty products, but I love the science and chemistry and knowing how and why they work even more. A dream job would be in R & D for beauty and personal health care products. That makes seven things!

4) Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know by commenting on their posts – OK this is where I think it gets spammy and pushy. It also reminds me of a chain letter, one person receives then has to pass along to a multitude of others and I refuse to give someone that kind of pressure! Also, when checking around it looks like the number of “required” nominations seems to fluctuate from 7-15, and the lovely lady who selected me only had 6. Well, I don’t think I even follow 15 blogs, being honest. And of those, the majority have already recently received an award of this type (there’s that spammy thing again) so I am going to break that chain. I have selected two bloggers whose content I read and appreciate regularly that do not appear to have *recently* received an award/nomination of this type judging by a quick search of their respective sites, but of course there is always room for error. I have selected: A nice, well rounded selection of high end, low end and mid range beauty product reviews, she showcases her own art, and other fun travel type posts! A lovely Australian woman who’s blog ethic is one after my own heart: Making the most of what I’ve got – A blog about using makeup and clothes rather than buying more and more. She has a cornucpoia of nail posts (my favourite) as well as some tech articles, some fun to read reblogs and she even guest posts for others!

5) Optional: (guys, these are ALL optional, ok?) Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you. Now isn’t this mostly a repeat of #1 and 2? I do already follow TryMePretty, so that’s covered, and the version of the award I like is posted above. Done and done.

6) I decided to add my own. Here is a new suggestion: as this and my nominees are beauty blogs, I would like to encourage us all to try something – wear a color of lipstick/nail polish/shirt/whatever, in a shade/texture/pattern/whatever you love but aren’t brave enough to wear on a normal day! This isn’t your average day, my nominees, this is a special day where you are formally, publicly in writing no less, appreciated for your efforts! It’s a small action to make the day more colourful and memorable! Even better, share it with a swatch and review!

7) PLEASE FEEL FREE TO IGNORE ANY AND ALL OF THESE “RULES”. Or, if it suits your style, add more! No one is going to come along and revoke your Very Inspiring Blogger Award, as it seems everyone has the ability to hand them out, but no one has the authority to take it away! If I have nominated you and you aren’t comfortable with any of the above for any reason, by all means ignore it, as I do understand how it can feel invasive and spammy. And I certainly wouldn’t want to make someone feel like they have to spend time working on a post they don’t really want to be involved in.

That’s it! This was a fun post for me, and was definitely something different and unusual for me to participate in! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!