Summer Scarf Ideas: Reblogs and Link Love!

A small sampling from my personal collection!

A small sampling from my personal collection!

I love scarves. They can change up any old boring outfit into something still simple but far more interesting, with such minimal effort. Being that they are both versatile and utilitarian, they appeal to my efficient side. As there are so many wonderful ideas and videos out there that I could not represent any better with my own work, I’ve put together a collection of links of scarf ideas and ties that would work better in warmer weather. Starting with my favourite, love this post as she starts off with a sentiment I’m familiar with:

We hear it all the time:
“Oh I can’t wear scarves in the summer. It’s too hot!”

Wrong, wrong, wrongity, wrong! (WRONG!) 😉 Scarves are much more than a winter accessory — they are a year-round necessity (link removed, see note below) is one of the best resources out there for all things scarfy, from dozen of different ways to tie, to a wide variety of purchasable scarves in store (often with a few handy photos of tie ideas) to a wonderful portion of their site called “Knots for Hope” which is dedicated to helping women who have been affected by cancer to feel more confident and beautiful (via the use of perfectly styled head scarves, of course!)  EDIT: Although their website is a good resource for creative scarf information, I can no longer recommend it for purchasing, as they charge an inexplicable and abhorrent $24 to ship a light scarf to Canada – and their website is clear in that all duties and taxes will be extra on top of the $24!!  I asked them why, after checking with USPS what it would *actually* cost to ship a light scarf, say, in a large padded envelope it would fit into with room to spare (hint: a couple bucks tops) and they told me their info is right from USPS and that they don’t make any money off shipping. Someone,  somewhere, is getting well and truly ripped off. Do yourself a favour, if you find something you like there, search eBay for it or something similar and save yourself a huge amount, and likely with free shipping. I order from the US a lot, and never have I ever had to pay such an exorbitant shipping fee on ANY item, including those that are much heavier (like shoes, boots, full bottles of perfume, heavy boxes of liquid skin care products, etc…)



Next up is a post found on I liked this one as it had a lot of colourful pictures for inspiration (including one borrowed from the aforementioned, a write up detailing the right fabrics to choose for your summer scarf, as well as a very thorough video showing a woman demonstrating various ways to use your scarf as a summery shirt! The second scarf used is especially beautiful!

A link to the video alone as shown on the Modera link above:

Next up, some more videos! I like this first one as it showed a few necklace like options that I had never seen before, and am looking forward to trying out very soon!

I liked this link, found on Liberty London‘s website, as it has 5 short videos showing some creative ideas on using a light silk classic square shaped scarf, with an adorable French woman hosting. Who could do scarves better than the French?

Up last, I had to include this.  I’m sure everyone’s seen this by now at more than 24 million views, but it has that many views for a reason. I haven’t found a more comprehensive list of scarf ideas anywhere. This well presented video from Wendy’s Lookbook has a well earned place on any article about scarves!

Before I go, I wanted to share one way I can use a scarf for hair that I had trouble finding a decent representation of by video, a scarf bun!

Start with a bandana sized scarf, folded up so its a long thin strip. Put hair into a ponytail at whatever level you want the finished bun to be. Starting at the tip of the ponytail, wind your hair around around the middle of the bandana strip a few times so it stays. Then, using the bandana, roll it all the way up to the top of the ponytail, spreading hair out to cover bandana as whatever you deem looks good that day. Tie up the bandana in a knot/bow and pin down hair where needed, if needed. I like this as it just doesn’t budge, the whole day, especially if pinned down around the edges. As an extra bonus, there is less flyaway hair as it’s wrapped around something other then itself!

Have a favourite scarf look or one that isn’t shared here? I’d love to hear it, I have plenty to work with to try them out!