Blue Ombre Nails, Gold Stamp NOTD

Hi! I wanted to do something with a cool, refreshing feel. Today’s nails is a blue ombre (some call it gradient) mani with a gold stamp. From darkest to lightest I used Avon Gel Finish Inked Up, OPI Give Me Space, Love & Beauty Blue Print, Sinful COlors Sail La Vie,CND Vinylux Creekside and Sinful Colors Gold Medal for stamping.

Shot showing before stamp.

Blue Ombre Nails

And after! I like it!

Blue Ombre Nails Stamped

Enjoy your weekend! It’s a hot one here today.

Autumn Leaves – A Neutral NOTD!


Hi! Today’s rushed NOTD I went with a neutral palette of beige and bronze for some leaf stamp art. I used Sally Hansen Bare It All, Essie Summit of Style and Avon Glimmer. I had some trouble with Bare It All. The brush held on to a lot of product and the formula was thin, making application a bit tricky. Good thing it’s a forgiving nude. I also had some trouble capturing the leaf stamps in a photograph due to the pale tones. I’d wait for sun for a better shot, but there’s none in the forecast so these will have to do! Overall it’s a bit too subdued for my taste even with the glitter. I’ll mix it up with the occasional neutral like this but I love my darks and brights! Some pics in crappy lighting because that’s all we get here in Vancouver now! On the upside (?) I guess I’ve accidentally found my mannequin hands nude!



Turquoise Nail Art Stamping – NOTD!


I am late to the game for nail art stamping, but I finally found and purchased myself a few supplies for it for my birthday recently, after discovering its pretty darn cheap. I don’t have any “stamping” polishes, and was determined to make the more cost effective regular ones work, and I was so relieved when I could get more use from my collection.


The end goal.

I used Wet n’ Wild Black Creme, Sinful Colors Mint Apple, and Avon Glimmer. The stamping plate I purchased off ebay for an amount so small I don’t remember it, would have been less than a buck. I used the image in the middle for today’s nails.

Wet n' Wild Black Creme, Sinful Colors Mint Apple, Avon Glimmer, stamp plate

Wet n’ Wild Black Creme, Sinful Colors Mint Apple, Avon Glimmer, stamp plate

Two coats Sinful Colors Mint Apple over a base coat, then a stamp with the Wet n’ Wild Black Creme. I free-handed on a smidge of the gold with a fine brush. Applied topcoat. I would prefer the black lines to be thinner, but I’m satisfied with the results.

Turquoise Nails

Turquoise Nails

Turquoise Nails

Turquoise Nails


A while back I also tried to do a version of turquoise nails with a water marbling technique. It was a real pain in the butt, but I guess it turned out ok. I’m not qualified to supply a tutorial for this, but there are many online you can find.


I’m pretty excited about the nail art stamping, and regret not getting into it sooner. I anticipate a lot of posts with them coming up, some better than others, as it’s a bit of a learning curve!

Coral with Gold & White Buttons NOTD!

Hi there! This weekend’s overly rushed manicure is with Essie Sunday Funday, Avon Glimmer, and mystery white polish! How are you guys? I need some sleep. My neighbours are night-owls with iron shoes.


Enjoy your week!

Teal & Gold NOTD


Finding myself with a bit of much needed quiet time, I decided to do a NOTD! I’ve missed them. Today’s nails have a tealy aqua-blue base with some gold dots. I used Reitman’s Aqua Mineral for the base and Avon Gel Finish 7 in 1 nail enamel for the dots. And of course my favourite NYC fast drying top coat.




I liked the results, super simple, easy and cute.

Hope you’re all doing well!

Avon Gel Finish 7 in 1 Nail Enamel

Avon Gel Finish

Avon Gel Finish – Glimmer, Very Berry, Inked Up

Hi! I wanted to quickly share this Avon polish I tried recently! I didn’t have time to do full, shiny swatches for you but I did remember to take a picture of each one I hastily slapped on my nails on a busy work night! Simply put, this polish is pretty darn good. I’ve never worn gel polish, so I can’t make a direct comparison between that and this Avon one which claims to have “gel finish”. I will say that most polishes chip within a day, and is pretty unsightly within a couple of days. But not these ones! Each of the above shades stayed on my nails, with minimal chips, for a full work week. This is unheard of for me!

I picked up Glimmer, a beige gold with some micro flake glitter, Inked Up, a deep, dark inky navy blue creme without a spec of glitter, and Very Berry, a gorgeous perfect pinky purpley red. They applied smoothly, drying time was reasonable, wear time was fantastic and it even removed easily when I finally wanted to take it off. Below are some pictures taken quickly, first Very Berry (after a full day’s wear), then Inked Up, again after a day’s wear (covered in a gold flake top coat – sorry!) with Glimmer on the index finger.

Avon Gel Finish Very Berry

Avon Gel Finish Very Berry

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up, Glimmer

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up, Glimmer, gold flake top coat

I’m talking myself into getting more, this formula is great! If you’re into green shades, do yourself a favour and look up a swatch of the Avon Gel Finish in “Envy”, wow!

Enjoy your week!