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Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte

Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte

So I don’t get Ipsy. I never found it to be worth the while. But my friend at work *does* get Ipsy. Last weekend, I got a super serious text from her telling me, “we have to have a chat in the morning,” and it was about this nail polish.

She wasn’t sure about it. And I can see why.

She gave it to me to test. Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte is a murky, muddy, coffeeish bleak brown. In the bottle, there appears to be a slightly creamy swirl of… something. It’s not glitter. It won’t mix in with shaking. Your guess is as good as mine. It reminds me a lot of when the brownish greige grungey polishes were everywhere, like OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques (2008ish.)

Formula was sticky, goopy, patchy and hard to apply evenly. Shown below are two painfully applied thicker coats over Orly Bonder, no top coat. Finish was ok, I suppose. It could work as a neutral on the right skin tone, I’m not sure what skin tone but definitely not mine.

Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte

This chipped in minutes. I’m pretty sure this polish wouldn’t outlast an actual latte. In desperation to try to make this look presentable and tolerable long enough for the one day it would take to show it to my friend, I added some gold dots and glitter, shown below in natural light then flash.

Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte
Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte

Would I buy this, retailing at $15 US? Heck, no. Neither this nor an actual $12 latte. If I want a murky greige, I’ll use NYC Color in a Minute Park Ave which I already have. I’m afraid this one is getting passed along to someone I hope can appreciate it more than I. Now, I’m off to touch up these chips for the third time in 2 days.

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