Delftware Inspired Stamped NOTD with Sinful Colors


You know Delftware, I’m sure. Everyone’s grandma or favourite aunt has it in the china cabinet or displayed on a wall! White pottery painted with blue (and sometimes other colours) it is beautiful, and I hope to have a piece of it myself one day.



Inspired by a coworker who said the grey nails with a blue print I had on that day reminded her of Dutch Delftware, I thought I could do a closer rendition of it if I could find a good enough white polish. While not perfect, Sinful Colors Snow Me White did the job ok (with some fussing and effort.) I paired it with Sinful Colors Endless Blue, next attempt I think I will use something more navy. The stamping plates I used are shown in the header, although as mirrors they don’t photograph too well.

Results! Not bad. The bird (thumb) showed better than anticipated, and the floral pattern on the rest stamped well. I do have a tulip pattern I can try next time, nails would need to be a bit longer for it however as the print is larger.

Delftware Nails

Delftware Nails

Delftware Nails

Delftware Nails

And the other paw!

Delftware Nails

Delftware Nails


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