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Louboutin Nails – First Attempt – NOTD!


My nails have finally gotten long enough for me to try this Louboutin nails thing, where the underside is coated in red, like the shoes. I thought for sure it would be really awkward and messy without being worth it. Glad to say I was wrong!

I used Sinful Colors No Text Red (reviewed here) and my favourite black, OPI Black Onyx, although you could use whatever colour you want on top providing it is opaque enough to cover the red underneath.

I did the red first, because knowing me I’d get it all over the perfectly applied polish on top if I didn’t and would have to start over. If you have a quick dry red, I’d recommend that. DO THE THUMB LAST. I used my thumbnail to push the skin of my finger pads away from the underside of the nail for a bit of a cleaner application of red. Use very little polish on the brush to help keep it from getting everywhere. As dry as possible while still able to paint. At this point, it will look like you just fought and won a bloody battle, if looking at them from the unpainted top. If squeamish, don’t look. Quickly paint on your chosen nail colour on top as usual.

Completed look! I can see why people do this. It makes for a fairly finished, sophisticated look! Now I won’t feel finished until I paint the undersides. Photos below with a bit of bling.

Louboutin Nails
Louboutin Nails
Louboutin Nails
Louboutin Nails
Louboutin Nails

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