CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Wine to Five NOTD!

CoverGirl Wine to Five

CoverGirl Wine to Five

Hello my long lost blog! Some NOTD for you. I’ve still not found the perfect wine/burgundy shade but this one sure does come close. It is, however, somewhat of a shape shifter, you’ll see in the pics below.

CoverGirl Wine to Five has a great formula, and was almost opaque in one coat. If you had super steady hands, this would be a one coater for you! Dry time was good, and the finish is glossy and feels plastic-y, in a durable, resilient way. Only gripe is the somewhat unwieldy chunky square top, which I’m sure wouldn’t be a huge problem for some but I have some pretty angry carpal tunnels after painting a bunch of furniture, so gripping it was tricky.

In indoor light, this was a nice deep wine, with the right balance of red to purple. When taken outdoors (rainy and cloudy) it appeared more of a cherry red, and when taken with flash it went straight to a fuchsia pink! I don’t really mind, it keeps it interesting. Swatches!

CoverGirl Wine to Five

CoverGirl Wine to Five


Current front runner in the search for the perfect wine shade. Any suggestions from those who have found a good wine shade polish?




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