Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2 Review!

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2

I am lucky in that I don’t work in one of those offices that are “fragrance free”.  This doesn’t mean that I think anyone can just drench themselves in a stinky patchouli bomb and have it be welcomed and appropriate, as I am fond of fragrance only with a very light, restrained hand. But when it comes to addressing allergies, I am firmly in the position that the allergy sufferer is responsible for maintaining a lifestyle so as to not aggravate their allergy, and not those around them. Allergies are so plentiful in variance that it is unrealistic to expect the general public to be sensitive to all of them for you. The point of this is – I get to (lightly, in small amounts) enjoy fragrances on an every day basis! Yay!

It briefly crossed my mind to ask if it was a fragrance free zone around the same time I asked if there was a dress code. I no longer had a concern about the issue when, moments later, I met a staff member who was Very Obviously Wearing Giorgio (is there any other way to wear Giorgio?) Although I’m sure VOWG applied with restraint, I could still smell it at least 10 feet outside her office doorway. This might bother some, but Giorgio reminds me of my very fashionable grandmother, so I actually appreciate its shrilly floral, unmistakable cloud of sweet 80’s statement fragrance.

I recall recently commenting that although I couldn’t pick a favourite fragrance, I tended to have very particular scents for very certain circumstances. Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2 is one of those! I wear this one mainly in fall, and generally for Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners. Why? It is full of cranberry! Let’s take a look at the notes!

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2 Notes

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2 Notes

Yup, that’s it. Allegedly. Cranberry and Tonka Bean. I do catch a hit of citrus in it from time to time as well. The cranberry is sweet, tart, sour and juicy, and the tonka bean lends a spicy warm baked goods feeling. No wonder I want to wear this over the holiday season! Although it is not a complicated fragrance, it is a delicious one. When I sampled this when it first came out a couple of years back, a woman followed me around the store with her baby stroller making “mmmm yummy” sounds! I wore this happily over our Thanksgiving here in Canada the other week, and I will wear it just as happily a few times between now and Christmas time. I will likely put it away again until next year, as I have in years before. Not only do i strongly associate this one with cranberry sauce and holiday baked goods, but it’s over simplicity makes me tire of it quickly. So to keep it special, I will keep this one for use between October to the end of December only!

Anyone have any special fragrances they reserve for holidays or special events? I can’t be the only one who does this!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Polly Fragrant
    Oct 25, 2014 @ 16:22:10

    Oh, my. Where to start? For difficult days, I wear Shalimar vintage EdC because (for some reason) it smells like a loving hug from some kind older woman. And I like Egoiste near the holidays because it smells of mince pies (candied and dried fruit), and I like Calyx when I am summery.

    I acquired a used bottle of Giorgio recently and sprayed a little and remembered instantly why the 80s made so many people hate fragrance. I also learned what “scrubber” means. Dude. The smell isn’t awful, it is just HUGE AND INVASIVE. It should be called Giorgio the Unavoidable.

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