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NYC Top Coats, A Trio Reviewed

NYC Top Coats in Grand Central Station, Matte Me Crazy & Big City Dazzle
NYC Top Coats in Grand Central Station, Matte Me Crazy & Big City Dazzle


NYC polishes (New York Color – In a New York Color Minute) have been one of my favourites for years, and I was sad to see my local retailers discontinue carrying them. They are still available, just not to me here so I order them online. Today I am presenting three of their topcoats – a regular one (Grand Central Station), a matte coat (Matte Me Crazy), and a sparkle coat (Big City Dazzle).

For the purposes of this post, I am keeping with the NYC nail polish theme and using a nice dark plum for fall, NYC Battery Park Purple. The flash washed it out a bit in this picture, but it does appear opaque to the eye in two fast drying coats. I also discovered this was a decent dupe for Revlon Bold Sangria in this post.

NYC Battery Park Purple
NYC Battery Park Purple

Starting with the matte top coat, NYC Matte Me Crazy Mattifying Top Coat 274 (0.33oz/9.7 ml), about $2 Canadian. I don’t have any other matte top coats to compare this to, and I’m not planning on purchasing another one as this seems to do the trick just fine! I find that this matte coat on top of regular polishes lasts longer on my nails than just a matte polish itself, which tends to chip within the first day. I haven’t yet tried the matte coat on top of a matte polish. Seems a bit redundant, but I think I will try some time to see if it helps make it last longer. I will update here with results should I try this. Shown below is one coat of NYC Matte Me Crazy over two coats NYC Battery Park Purple. Looks and feels satiny and soft.

NYC Matte Me Crazy over NYC Battery Park Purple
NYC Matte Me Crazy over NYC Battery Park Purple

Next up is NYC Big City Dazzle (0.33oz/9.7 ml), also about $2 Canadian, a sparkle top coat. The clear, fast drying base is full of mostly purpley fuchsia glitter, then a mattering of red, teal blue, gold and silver glitter is in there as well. It isn’t too flashy but it’s a little something extra. Shown here on my other paw, photo taken with the “wrong” hand so its not entirely as in focus as I would prefer but it’s a decent representation, again over two coats of NYC Battery Park Purple. I also used it in another purple look with an Essence polish here.

NYC Big City Dazzle over NYC Battery Park Purple
NYC Big City Dazzle over NYC Battery Park Purple

I painted the matte on one hand and the sparkle on the other intending just to have it on for the duration of this review writing, but wouldn’t you know it, I liked them both enough to just leave them on! Both were ok until day three when the chips started creeping in.

I have not included any pictures of the NYC clear top coat, Grand Central Station, swatched. It’s a clear coat, we all know what that looks like! Besides, if you would like to see it on, I have used it in just about any nail post I have ever done here, with the exclusion of the Nicole top coat that was awful. I use it with every manicure because it is that good. It’s cheap, it dries quickly, it’s shiny, and it keeps chips at bay an extra day or two. I also like the bottle and brush. I will buy NYC Grand Central Station clear coat until I can’t find it anymore, which might be sooner rather than later as I already have to find it online.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


2 thoughts on “NYC Top Coats, A Trio Reviewed

    1. HI Pretty! I get my NYC stuff from Well.ca now as I can’t find it anywhere else. I wait until I have enough stuff to order to get the free ship (for Canada) at $25. They have Pacifica and Olay stuff on sale right now. If you order from there be sure to google how to get a coupon code for a first order, I remember something about a $10 off coupon for new customers but admittedly it has been a while!

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