Marc Jacobs Honey Eau De Parfum Rollerball Review!

Marc Jacobs Honey

Marc Jacobs Honey

I know there’s a lot of you out there, but I’m not a Marc Jacobs fan girl. I skipped over the ever popular Daisy feeling that it was way too “green” for me (huge amounts of violet leaf) which was a pity as I liked the strawberry in it. I took a pass on the almost as iconic Lola, figuring I already had the same notes of rose, peony, pink pepper, musk, fruit and amber in Gucci Envy Me, which to my nose was better. I did, however, like Dot and it’s mutant ladybug bottle, and it’s Honey counterpart bottle which I’ve heard best described as a GMO bee.

When Marc Jacobs Honey came out, I knew that I had to try this one. Just like peach notes, I have been looking for a honey based fragrance for a long time and I was hoping this would be it! Notes are as follows:

Marc Jacobs Honey Top Notes

Marc Jacobs Honey Top Notes

Pears, Mandarin Orange and Fruit Punch in Top Notes

I know the pear is there, but to me it settles a bit in the background of the body of the fragrance meanwhile the top notes to me shine first as a sweet citrus, and then a splash of red fruit, which I guess is the fruit punch. It’s a light, refreshing opening.

Marc Jacobs Honey Middle Notes

Marc Jacobs Honey Middle Notes

Orange Blossom, Honeysuckle and Peach in Middle Notes

With effort I can actually manage to catch all these notes. The peach is of course too faint for my liking as I love peach, but the honeysuckle is there quite clearly and the orange blossom sits quietly underneath it. It is a pretty and sweet combination.

Marc Jacobs Honey Base Notes

Marc Jacobs Honey Base Notes

Vanilla, Woodsy Notes and Honey in Base Notes

I tried but was unable to manage to grab the vanilla notes in this, not that it bothers me either way. The wood notes have no threat of being overbearing here and seem to be there in just enough amounts to give Honey a drier finish to round out the sweetness. I finally, eventually manage to find the honey in this after dry down, and it is a warm, gourmand addition.

I’ve found a few reviews saying that Honey is similar to Dot, and although I do see the resemblance in type and structure, with a closer sniff they are really not that much alike. Where Honey has citrus and sweet punch, Dot has tropical coconut and tart red berries. While Honey might not be very complicated, it is still pretty, light, sweet and refreshing. I can’t see anyone really being offended by this one, unless they were maybe allergic. This would be nice used with a light hand for daytime, or at the office if there are any left out there that let us wear fragrances anymore. Honey would also suit a sticky hot summer night, again with a light hand to avoid the risk of becoming too cloying. I do wish the peach and honey notes were more prevalent to my nose.

I have a 10ml rollerball of this which I think is enough for me to decide if it is worthy of a larger bottle or if I should move on. Also perfect for throwing into my purse! I like that more and more lines are offering their fragrances up in the somewhat more economical rollerballs so you can still enjoy the next new thing – or many things – without a huge amount of commitment. This one was a gift from my Mom, lucky me! Thanks Mom!

Any thoughts on Marc Jacobs scents?

Enjoy your week!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laceymacpherson
    Sep 25, 2014 @ 07:52:05

    I’ve honestly never liked them. They seem to me lighter,more floral or fruity and sickly versions of the same scents over and over. It’s a line I’ve tried and tied to love, but I just can’t.



  2. Polly Fragrant
    Oct 07, 2014 @ 08:43:29

    Hey Kate! I’ve been away and only just started catching up on my reading. Have you considered trying Diva. I know it is classified as a rose chypre but I get a lot of honey. I’ll admit also that much as I love it, a little goes a long, long way.



    • katezilla
      Oct 07, 2014 @ 19:19:10

      Looks like it’s been compared to Paloma Picasso, which I do have (I keep a vintage bottle of it around as my favourite teacher wore it!) I will add it to my sniff list!



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