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Cover Girl Clump Crusher by LashBlast Review!

Cover Girl Clump Crusher
Cover Girl Clump Crusher

I’m a couple years behind everyone in trying this out. As I tend to not love the overwhelmingly popular products as much as others, I was really reluctant. Maybe I’m too particular. Were my instincts right? Let’s find out. The shade I received this in is “Black”.

The package boasts that the product will deliver 200% more volume and ZERO (all caps emphasis theirs, not mine) *vs bare lashes. I’m not sure how that’s quantifiable but I was still interested in the results. The brush is flat on one side and slightly curved on the other, which Cover Girl describes as the “lash loading” section, intended to saturate your lashes with product. The spikey plastic brush bristles are then intended to comb it out. Click pics to enlarge.

Cover Girl Clump Crusher Package Back
Cover Girl Clump Crusher Package Back

On to my experience with this product. Now I haven’t had a huge amount of trouble with mascara clumping. I am no mascara newbie. I’ve been using certain products for a long time that I really like, and if I apply enough were clumping might occur, I comb it out using a clean old mascara wand reserved for that purpose. Does the trick for any formula. I was interested in this product as the idea of skipping the combing out step was intriguing, and people seemed to really like this.

The formula is a drier one, which is generally my preference. Has a slight waxy, plasticy scent. I applied this as I would any other mascara, by brushing it on and going over it a few times to my liking. The first thing I noticed was the brush was irritating. I like to wiggle the brush in at the roots to deliver colour and volume, but the really pointy bristles poked my inner eyelid/waterline and although it was not outright painful, it was annoying enough to turn me off the product altogether. The next thing I noticed was clumps! I tried combing through it more with the brush, without dipping it back in for more product, to see if I could work them out. It wasn’t horrible, but there were definitely clumps. Below is a pic of one coat of my application as described above. Also used in this photo are the Hard Candy eyeshadow crayons from yesterday’s post.

Cover Girl Clump Crusher One Coat
Cover Girl Clump Crusher One Coat

The formula seemed to be ok at lengthening/thickening. The picture doesn’t capture the full length I achieved with this product, my eyes are very deep set and it’s a tough shot to take. Nothing rave worthy, but effective enough. I let it dry before putting on another coat. The black colour looked like a deep, matte, plush black indoors, but in direct sunlight it was washed out and looked a bit charcoaly grey, which might be a deal breaker for some. It was still somewhat flexible when dry, which was nice. I decided it was time to try a second coat. The first thing I noticed this time was that the little plastic bristles did *not* want to comb through the already dried product. It felt stiff and uncomfortable. I tried working with it for a few minutes, and below is a picture of the second coat.

Cover Girl Clump Crusher Two Coats
Cover Girl Clump Crusher Two Coats

CLUMPS. Not terrible, and a bit spidery, but for a product that claims ZERO in all caps clumps on the package I was expecting a better performance than this! Now being fair, it did comb out well in other tests (as every other mascara does) with my old clean mascara wand technique, but I felt this shouldn’t be a necessary step for a mascara named Clump Crusher.

This will not replace my usual repertoire of  mascaras (my beloved discontinued in Canada Maybelline Full n Soft and the similar L’Oreal Voluminous, both waterproof, even Cover Girls own Professional mascara that I have been using in Brown, waterproof for well over 20 years!). I might use it just to slap something on quickly for a quick run to the store or something, as it did seem ok with just one coat. If you are the type that likes more than one coat like myself, I’d recommend not letting it dry in between layers as you won’t be able to get that spikey fork for a brush through it otherwise.

My instincts of avoiding those plastic brushes was bang on. They just do not work for me. I remember going through this same thing when Cover Girl LashExact and it’s plastic brush came out. My friends raved and I just knew I would hate it. And I did, it was awful in every way for me. Never again, no more plastic brushes. Different things work for different people! I like bushier, soft brushes.

Full disclosure: This product came to me in a P&G BrandSampler box I ordered a couple of months ago. These used to be free, but now they are apparently being offered, “free”, with a shipping charge of $6. As I wanted to try everything in the sampler pack, I paid the $6. After the quoted 2-6 weeks passed without my package arriving, I requested a refund. I was told to just keep the sampler if it finally arrives. Well, it finally arrived a few weeks later. So although I ultimately did receive this product free for testing, neither P&G nor I intended it to be that way. I believe this retails for about $8-10 Can.

Anyone tried this? Have better/worse results than me? Any tips to get this to work as advertised?

5 thoughts on “Cover Girl Clump Crusher by LashBlast Review!

  1. Isn’t it so strange? I seem to be the only one I know that those plastic brushes don’t work for. Even the old school spoolie ones do a better job for me. You wouldn’t think eyelashes would be that different!


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