Revlon Parfumerie China Flower NOTD, and Bonus Nicole Top Coat Plus (Scathing) Review!

Revlon China Flower, NOPI Top Coat

Revlon China Flower, NOPI Top Coat

It’s unusual that I have the opportunity to do a review on a product that I can file under both nail polish and fragrance. The Revlon Parfumerie line has been out for a bit now, and I think (hope?) they are clearing out their summer line for fall at my local retailers as I found what was left of a small display at half price. Hope they aren’t discontinuing the line but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are. Finding the China Flower one to look and sound most interesting, it came home with me.

The bottle is attractive. I really like the square shape, however I hate the round top. It made wielding the already harder to use small, thin, round brush more difficult as it was hard to stabilize. The shade is a brightened, summery, coraly red creme/jelly formula, very striking. It went only smoothly at 2 coats, but I used 3 for photo swatches. The result was a vibrant pop of colour against my skin, I really liked it!

Revlon China Flower Swatch

Revlon China Flower Swatch

Revlon China Flower Swatch

Revlon China Flower Swatch

Now about the fragrance. These nail polishes are intended to have a light scent once dry, and this one was quite unique and surely made itself known. I would describe it as a spicy/fresh scent. Something interesting about it is that it had a bit of the feeling you’d get from a whiff of Vicks – not necessarily the smell itself, but the sensation, this nail polish’s scent has a bit of an aromatic, medicated vapour sense to it. Hard to explain. I caught this scent when my hands were about a foot or so from my face. I read a post recently with this Revlon Parfumerie polish in a shade called Bordeaux which I wish was available here, it’s the exact shade of wine I’ve been looking for, and knowing myself I think I’d love the scent. If you’re curious it was over at ClassygirlKate‘s blog.

Part 2!

So I decided to try out the Nicole Top Coat Plus I got in a 3 pack of Nicole polishes over top of the China Flower. I am struggling to find something good to say.

I'm glad this photo is fuzzy.

I’m glad this photo is blurry.

Why am I glad that picture is blurry? Well, the longer I had it on, the more tiny little bubbles would pop up. Now usually that happens if your polish is slapped on in thick, wet layers too quickly. I applied this topcoat well after the Revlon China Flower had dried, after several minutes of taking, uploading and editing photos. Which brings me to my next complaint – although the polish was dry, this top coat pulled up colour onto the brush! Every brush stroke landed more and more red tint to the top coats brush! Not even my super cheap top coats do this! I wiped it off the brush best I could for the header photo. More time passed, I took some more pictures, and then took down my setup with the back scarf backdrop for my header photo to put it away, and then noticed that even though some time had passed, I had little fabric indentations on my nails from just lightly handling the scarf! Now I might expect that to happen immediately after painting, but not, say, 30 mins after applying a top coat in front of a fan on high on a hot day! Suspicious, I lightly touched the nail to see what was going on, and to my surprise it was sticky! Not wet really, but gluey, gummy, sticky! I have never, ever had a top coat – or any polish at all come to think of it – perform so poorly.

To summarize, the Revlon Parfumerie polish looked great and applied beautifully. The scent would be an acquired taste. Worth noting, I could still smell the China Flower under the (awful) top coat. The Nicole Top Coat Plus is officially the worst product I have ever put on my nails. The only thing I could see this being useful for is as a simple clear coat on bare nails, it seems to dry fine and not bubble up or be sticky in that application. The Nicole Top Coat Plus was so bad, I’m resurrecting my bad review haiku ritual for it.


Dozens of bubbles.

Why does this polish hate me?

My nails are now glue.



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  1. lastcontrast
    Aug 18, 2014 @ 00:39:16

    Ughh, that’s not good AT ALL



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