Bath & Body Works Peach & Honey Almond Fine Fragrance Mist Review!

Bath & Body Works Peach & Honey Almond FIne Fragrance Mist

Bath & Body Works Peach & Honey Almond FIne Fragrance Mist

When I was last at Bath & Body Works picking up the Sunset by the Pool which I enjoy very much (so it’s probably already discontinued) they gave me a coupon for $10 off with a card that told me of a new line launch, Artisanal Fragrances. The line includes Lemon Pomegranate Cream, Apple Blossom & Lavender, and the one I really wanted, Peach & Honey Almond, knowing that I love each and every one of the notes in the fragrance’s name.

The other offerings in the line didn’t quite grab me, although the Lemon Pomegranate Cream was quite refreshing and would probably be an awesome shower gel. Although the Peach & Honey Almond wasn’t exactly what I was expecting/hoping for, it is still quite lovely. I was really hoping for something more peachy, as I am on my never ending quest to find the perfect peach fragrance (so far Summer by the Pool is in first place). From Bath & Body Works, the notes in this fragrance are presented as follows!


Top Notes:

Juicy Peach, Flowering Quince, Zesty Clementine

Peach & Honey Almond Top Notes

Peach & Honey Almond Top Notes


Middle Notes:

Mimosa Flower, Apple Blossom, Blackberry Leaf, Almond

Peach & Honey Almond Middle Notes

Peach & Honey Almond Middle Notes


Base Notes:

Whipped Meringue, Caramel Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Creamy Golden Honey

Peach & Honey Almond Base Notes

Peach & Honey Almond Base Notes

Delicious sounding notes! After wearing this for a moment I realized it reminded me very much of another fragrance I like. Bath & Body Works Peach & Honey Almond is like Burberry Brit Light. I checked, and they have some notes in common: citrus, sugar (honey), tonka bean, vanilla, and most of all almond, that make them seem somewhat alike. This works out well for me as Although I love Burberry Brit in cold weather, it is far too heavy and cloying for a humid summer day. Peach & Honey Almond is a perfect ultra lightweight substitute!

I would also describe this fragrance as sweet, smooth, and a bit fuzzy. This is neither an in your face fruity nor floral. It’s a bit more gourmand. They honey/almond/tonka bean dry down adds the warmth and coziness of a musk without the pungency, which is nice. I can’t say as I pick up a heck of a lot of peach in this, but I am certainly not disappointed in it. I think this would wear well even in winter. Hope they keep it around a while!

I didn’t grab the other forms of Peach & Honey Almond as I kept this purchase very minimal (just enough to use the coupon), but there was a lotion, bar soap, a body scrub and shower gel for each of the new fragrances. I’m sure the fragrance would translate nicely to them, the lotion especially. If I find them on a great sale I might pick them up. Perhaps the Lemon Pomegranate one in shower gel form as I liked how refreshing it was.

Has anyone tried these out yet?

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. oranges
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 21:48:15

    It doesn’t come in a fragrance spray, but have you ever tried the 100% pure white peach stuff? I have the body scrub and it is the best peach scent I have ever smelled.



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