Rimmel Salon Pro Red Award NOTD Swatch & Review!

Rimmel Red Award

Rimmel Red Award

Rimmel’s new Salon Pro with Lycra line was slower to get to Canada, at least in my area. I’ve been seeing pictures and swatches of this line for a few months now, but only found the bottles in stores just this month! This line claims to have chip resistant wear for 10 days, a gel like shine, and a huge selection of 40 shades, although I’ve only seen about 10 tops locally. A quick look at their website shows lots of shades I’d love to have, (the blues are gorgeous, and a huge selection of nude neutrals) but they just aren’t available here.

Rimmel Red Award is a beautiful, rich, deep, dark red. The brush is of the wider, flatter variety I like so much. At two jellyish coats it is a blood red, and at three it is more of an intense black cherry. This has a very Chanel Rouge Noir dupe thing going for it! I actually bought this to replace a long discontinued Maybelline polish called Midnight Red (another Chanel Rouge Noir dupe) that was staring run out, which was a very old favourite but this formula is by far superior! Some swatches, most of these were taken after a day of wear already. Taken with flash to bring out the red base.

Rimmel Red Award Swatch

Rimmel Red Award Swatch

Rimmel Red Award Swatch

Rimmel Red Award Swatch

Rimmel Red Award Swatch

Rimmel Red Award Swatch

Deciding to test out the 10 day wear claim, I used three thin coats on my left hand for swatches, and two on my right, no top coat, for comparison. The addition of Lycra in the formula is intended to keep it flexible once dry. As my nails often chip within a day, my expectations were low. The left hand with three thin coats and a top coat still looks perfect on day three! This would easily last well into day four or more. The hand with two coats, no top coat, was chipped slightly but still wearable, so if you want more than three days of perfect wear out of this one I’d recommend a top coat for sure!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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