Stila Gold Glow, a Shimmery Summer Eyeshadow/Bronzer, Swatches & Eye Look!

Stila Gold Glow

Stila Gold Glow

I’ve had this eyeshadow pan for ages but I only seem to think to use it when warmer weather hits. This Stila Gold Glow is a refill baked on a terracotta disk, intended to go inside a round case with a clear twist off lid that apparently sells for an atrocious $37. If I remember correctly, I managed to nab this, along with a Bronze Glow refill buddy (I’ll do that one later), for $12 including shipping from ebay a few years ago. Much more manageable!

Stila Gold Glow is a trio of shades including a beautiful metallic gold, a warm satiny golden brown, and a shimmery ivory shade. The ivory part has a bit too much sparkle in it for me to want to use as a brow bone highlight, but I do like it in the inner corner, and alone on the lid with a strong berry lip. Some swatches in indoor lighting, shade from sun, and flash.

Stila Gold Glow Swatches

Stila Gold Glow Swatches

The texture of these is similar to most baked eyeshadows in that they are somewhat dry but silky and blendable. The advertise them to be used both dry and wet, however you can use any eyeshadow like that. I use these without an eyeshadow primer as I find that actually makes wear worse for me, my regular foundation does just fine as a base. Shown on my eye here with the gold on the lid, the brown in crease, and the highlighter in inner corner with a tiny bit on brow bone. The photo below includes the rest of the products used for this look, including Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara (sample size, black) and Milani Liquif’eye liner in brown.

Stila Gold Glow on eye

Stila Gold Glow on eye

Stila Gold Glow, Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara, Milani Liquif'Eye Liner

Stila Gold Glow, Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara, Milani Liquif’Eye Liner

I find these last fairly well all day, even in the heat. They do fade in intensity a small amount, but the effect is still nice as it sort of melds with your skin somewhat for a nice glowy summer look. I do like these, but I would never pay their regular retail price for them. Although they are nice, I find these to be more in line with a better quality drugstore eyeshadow, which is around the price I paid. The amount of product you get is huge as well, so this will (and has) last me a long time. They also say you can use this as a bronzer, but I think that would be too shimmery for me. I will stick to using this as eyeshadow!

Do you have a favourite summer eye look?

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. acasualbeauty
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 06:35:16

    Very pretty look!



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