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Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadows in Sage & Lavender, Swatches!

Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadow
Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadow

These Almay single shadows came out years ago, but weren’t ever launched in my area in Canada. I saw reviews and swatches for them on US sites ages ago and have wanted them ever since. I gave up when I learned they were long discontinued. And then, in a strange twist, I found them in my local discounter. I’m not sure where this place gets their salvage stock, but I am so grateful. I’ve managed to find things I would never normally, at almost negligible prices! These were $2.50!

The entire line of these are soft, muted shades that wouldn’t be too unusual to find in nature. In fact the whole line’s marketing is based on trying to look pure and natural. They boast that the product is 98.2% natural which in effect means squat (it’s not regulated). It also is labeled to be hypoallergenic which is equally as meaningless (also not regulated). Thats aside, I do like the packaging, stiff cardboard covered in paper. There is a window of plastic over the center so you can see the shades, and it has a magnetic closure. Being flat, light, and perfectly square, these would store tidily. Click for larger pictures.

Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadow, Back
Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadow, Back

Sage is a pale, muted sage green with shimmer. Thankfully it remains mostly neutral instead of leaning too warm. It also has a bit of a metallic golden flash to it, very interesting and unexpected from this tiny single shadow. Somehow looks almost mint green on my eye in some lights.

Lavender is again muted, a pale shimmery lavender. It looks pinkish in some lights and has a silvery pale metallic look. It also leans a bit taupe and is again thankfully neutral. Some swatches of both under flash and sun.

Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadow
Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadow
Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadow Swatches, Sage, Lavender
Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadow Swatches, Sage, Lavender

The texture of both of these are soft and buttery smooth, and they apply like a dream. The texture reminds me of a light application of the good Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows. Reading old reviews about these shadows, they complain of lack of pigment. Look at those swatches above. That was one swipe down my arm with no base, just bare skin. Do they look unpigmented to you? They don’t to me. These are pale, natural looking, neutral shades, which is pretty much what they advertised. I’m not sure what those who were complaining about lack of pigment were expecting. I see some beautifully smooth pale neutral shades. I can’t wait to pair these with some matte brown definition in the crease.

I’ve worn these all day today, a hot summer day. They haven’t budged and are wearing comfortably. These are a generous 2.25g/0.09oz (almost twice as much as MAC’s eyeshadows, for comparison). Sad these are discontinued, but glad to have finally tried them at such a low price! Better late than never I guess!

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