A Peck of Frivols!

It seems I’ve inspired my friend over at Polly Fragrant to dip her (possibly now polished) toe into the world of cosmetics! You can read about her cosmetic adventures here!

Polly Fragrant

IMAG0117 The Seventh Circle of Hell

My first friend in the blogosphere is Kate over at Katezilla, (A Ferociously Frugal Beauty Blog, Rawr! ). She made a comment about something I wrote and I drifted on over to her blog to take a gander and the impossible happened; she managed to make beauty products sound cheap, for sure, but most importantly, she made them sound fun. I think I once owned a lipstick (but I may be wrong. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named might remember) but suddenly, under Kate’s nefarious influence, I was dreaming of scarlet lips, perfectly applied eye-liner and tiger print toe nails (Apparently, tiger print nails become a necessity when your nails are a boring taupe).  So, Kate and I chatted a little, hindered only minimally by the fact that neither of us seems to have grasped that email is something that you “check” from time to time.

I think that you need…

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