A Heavenly NOTD with Revlon Celestial FX and Sally Hansen Blazing Blue, Swatch & Review!

Celestial_FX_Blazing_BlueI so far have been unsuccessful in my hunt for a suitable dupe for Essie Starry Starry Night but it gives me the perfect excuse to try out NOTD like this one to fill the void! I’ve used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Blazing Blue (sadly discontinued) and a new one from Revlon, Celestial FX.

Sally Hansen Blazing Blue is a deep blue with blue shimmer. No outright glitter. I remember my mother giving this to me years ago questioning that I would ever actually wear it, and still now it’s one of the most beautiful blue shades I own! Pity it’s discontinued. Has a nice wide flat brush and smooth, even formula. Two layers of this first.

Sally Hansen Blazing Blue

Sally Hansen Blazing Blue

And now on to Revlon Top Speed Celestial FX. It is a clear coat filled with silver glitter shapes: crescent moons, stars, diamonds. There is also a lot of silvery holographic micro glitter. I’ve read some negative reviews on this new product. Complaints are that it is gloppy and the large shape glitters are hard to apply. I didn’t really have a huge amount of trouble with this. I applied a coat as I would a normal polish, then dabbed on whatever glitter shapes I had on the brush onto the nail. I occasionally dipped back into the bottle to pick up more, but I didn’t find it especially difficult. It does take the slightest bit more skill than a perfectly formulated creme but come on, it’s not going to apply itself. Even if you did glop on the shapes one by one, this is a clear, fast drying top coat folks. Just sit still for a minute and it will dry just fine. I did have a small issue with the edges of the larger shapes sticking up off the nail a little which I easily circumvented by just applying another layer. Here it is applied!

Revlon Top Speed Celestial FX 902

Revlon Top Speed Celestial FX 902

Even if I did have a huge amount of trouble with the large shape glitter, I’d wear this as a more subtle holographic glitter look alone without the shapes. In fact, I think I’ll try that next! As it is, the celestial  shapes aren’t necessarily for every day, and perhaps a bit juvenile, but they were still fun to play with, and I do like this more than I thought I would!



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