Maybelline Golden Halo Swatch & Review!

Maybelline Golden Halo

Maybelline Golden Halo

Hi! I haven’t done an eyeshadow post in a long while, and although I should have some others coming up soon (pending delinquent Sephora order) I wanted to start with something golden and summery! I have a few golds, and ultimately I’d like to review them all then compare at the end.

Maybelline Golden Halo 270S is from their Expert Wear Modern Metallics line. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any other offerings from the line but I hear Chai Latte is pretty popular. I managed to grab this one for just over $1 when the store I was at had them on clearance, presumably to make room for the repackaged eyeshadows. I haven’t yet tried anything from the repackaged line so I am unable to say if they are of the same formula, so I will only speak for this one. The packaging version I have has narrower tapered ends, the newer ones are squared off all around.

Maybelline Golden Halo

Maybelline Golden Halo

The formula on this one really surprised me. I expected a drier, grainier finish. But what I got was super smooth, pigmented and blendable. The golden shade is somewhat brassy or coppery on me in some lighting, but appears more of a neutral gold with slight green leanings in others. I didn’t need to try very hard to get the intense pigment on these swatches! Here it is in a few different lightings.

Maybelline Golden Halo

Maybelline Golden Halo

I tried this on alone (no other eyeshadow) with a tiny bit of mascara. It looks like I had something else in the crease, but I didn’t. That’s just the same shadow blended lightly through the crease and my own deep set eye socket shadow showing up there, making it look dark. I just used the sponge applicator it came with as it seemed to do the job well as it was so buttery soft. It was far more well blended in person, the shimmer in it reflected the camera flash in a way that gave it a harder edge in photos.

Maybelline Golden Halo

Maybelline Golden Halo

Maybelline Golden Halo

Maybelline Golden Halo

This lasted all day on me with very minimal creasing and still looked fresh when it came time to take it off! If you’re looking for a golden shadow for summer on a budget, try this one out. Bear in mind it’s slight orangey leanings might make it more suited to warm toned skin. I’d like to try more of these singles out, but I don’t think I’ll catch a sale like that again!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. lastcontrast
    Jun 13, 2014 @ 04:17:47

    Pretty! hope your Sephora order turns up ASAP 😦



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