Brown & Blue Eye Look with Almay Smoky for Blues, Swatch & Review!

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues

Almay has had this particular palette in various incarnations for years. I had one some time around the early 00’s in a different layout, it was 3 equal sized rectangular pots. It was so long ago I can’t even remember how I used to apply it, but when I was given one of it’s latest incarnations I thought I’d give it a go again.

Almay intense i-color smoky-i for blues is still a 3 pan palette, only now the darkest blue is a large pan at the bottom. In a previous version it was laid out differently with the dark blue in the middle. Current palette, from top to bottom

-a pale, frosty, silvery, icy blue

-a warm medium brown with golden and copper shimmery flecks

-a metallic navy blue with matching blue shimmer inside

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues Swatch

The back of the package advises you to apply the dark blue all over lid, the brown in crease, and to use the pale blue as brow and inner corner highlight. Admittedly I did try that out first on a trial run just to see how it would look on me, but I can’t say it worked out well, it was just way too much blue on my large lid. Click pics for a larger size!

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues Back

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues Back


I wanted to work out a more wearable daytime look and improvised. Included in the look I tried today is the Almay palette, Wet n Wild Brulee, the discontinued and unwieldy to use but unique L’Oreal HIP Kohl Eyeliner in Navy and my impossible to find likely discontinued Maybelline Full n Soft in Black.



I used the brown shade on my lid, the pearly pale blue on my inner corner, and the darker blue in my crease and outer corner. Brulee is on my brow bone as I don’t like putting frosty shades there. The HIP liner is in my waterline and on top lid. The shadows textures were smooth, easy to apply and blend and wore comfortably. Shortly after application however, I noticed the same issue I’ve had with my other Almay palettes in that the pigments fade drastically, and fast. In the pictures below, a lot of shadow is applied yet the end result is more subtle than you would expect. The darker blue in particular applied with a far more matte finish than as shown in swatch and in pan.

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues on eye

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues on eye

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues on eye

Almay Smoky Eye for Blues on eye

Overall I could still make this work for day as it fades to a less dramatic hue, and it still blends well and adds dimension.  This would probably look nice on a day I was wearing a dark brown or navy top.

I can’t apply blue eyeshadow without thinking of this iconic example! No one could wear it better than Elizabeth Taylor!


Enjoy your day!



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