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Revlon Rebel Graffiti Top Coat Swatches!

Revlon Graffiti
Revlon Rebel Graffiti

I’ve had some luck finding some really unique nail polishes lately! This Revlon Rebel Graffiti top coat is like nothing I’ve seen before, but in full disclosure I do live in a small town and we don’t always get everything here. I’ve also been on a unique topcoat kick lately, as I like the versatility of one polish making all your others new again! I found this on sale on a shopping excursion out of town and I knew it would become an instant favourite!


Revlon Graffiti
Revlon Rebel Graffiti 732

Revlon Graffiti is a speckled top coat with a clear base and a smattering of non sparkly black and white bits. There are round dots, larger hexagons, some bar type glitters and even some tiny black and white micro glitters. It looks awesome! Kind of reminds me of the speckles on an egg shell, or paint splatters on an artist’s well used drop cloth. It also makes me think of granite, in a way.

Revlon Graffiti Brush
Revlon Rebel Graffiti Brush

Shown here, 2 coats on my thumbnail to see what it looks like by itself, pretty cool.

Revlon Graffiti
Revlon Rebel Graffiti

Shown here as 1 coat over top of Yves Rocher Rouge Grenadine I reviewed here.

Revlon Graffiti One Coat
Revlon Rebel Graffiti One Coat

Shown as 2 coats over the same.

Revlon Graffiti Two Coat
Revlon Rebel Graffiti Two Coat

And shown in indoor lighting as well.

Revlon Graffiti
Revlon Rebel Graffiti

Revlon Graffiti dries as fast as you would expect out of a glitter, and doesn’t feel so rough to the touch that it’s annoying. It is big 3 free, and is 0.5oz/14.7ml in a bottle. Found this for $3.97 at Superstore in Canada, where regular price is $6-7. I think I’ll try it over grey next for a more subtle look, maybe something like the granite it reminds me of! Revlon Graffiti is easily in my top 5 favourite polishes right now! What do you think it would look good over?

Enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “Revlon Rebel Graffiti Top Coat Swatches!

  1. I love the look of the Rebel Graffiti, but had a very hard time removing it. Is there a trick? A different polish remover I can use?


    1. I’ve been using one of those peel off base coats. The one I have is NYC Strip Me Off, it works well and is under $2! Trade off is lasting power of your mani however, about 3 days tops.


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