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MAC Eye Kohl in Powersurge: Review and Swatch


Just a quick swatch and review of a favourite today, MAC Eye Kohl in Powersurge! Its is $19 CA at MAC counters, if you’re lucky enough to find it in your area. Took forever to get my hands on this product. I don’t live near any MAC retailers and on the rare chance I get to visit one, they are sold out! I tried my best to find a drugstore dupe, but no luck. The closest I could find was Bonne Belle’s Toffee, and it lacked the warm golden shimmery goodness. I had some luck mixing together a deep olive green and a gold eyeliner I had, but it was a lot of trouble.

MAC Powersurge is a hard to describe beauty. It is a metallic golden shade that hints and bronze and olive. I could imagine this being flattering to all skin tones. Here it is swatched on NC 20/25 skin.

MAC Eye Kohl in Powersurge swatch on NC 20/25 skin
MAC Eye Kohl in Powersurge swatch on NC 20/25 skin

It applies smoothly, is soft, and blends easily. I like to wear this on my lower lash and waterline with any bronzed, gold, or neutral eye look. In the swatch below it is applied around whole eye, in water lines, and blended out on the lid. I’m sure this would last all day on someone drier lids, but as mine are oily it does start to fade fairly quickly, and I would have to reapply in the waterline every few hours. On my lid, it does fade as well, but it fades in a nice way, if that makes sense. The shade sort of blends into your skin tone in a warm, glowy way that it still looks nice at any intensity.

I have included  a picture of a very simple eye look with the MAC Powersurge eyeliner blended out over the lid, and full eye rimmed. There is also one coat of Benefit Bad Gal mascara.

MAC Powersurge
MAC Powersurge

The effect is subtle but pretty. If you have nothing like this in your collection, I highly recommend giving it a look next time you’re at a MAC counter.

Have a great week!

Fun Fact: MAC was founded in Canada in 1984 🙂

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