Aubergine from Love & Beauty (Forever 21) NOTD!


Today’s NOTD is my new favourite purple, Aubergine from Forever 21’s Love & Beauty line. Aubergine is a deep, metallic purple filled with blue and purple micro glitter. When the sun catches that glitter, it’s truly stunning! I tried to catch the blue flash it has but it was a little elusive. This line is inexpensive and decent quality for what you’re paying, and worth checking out!

Two coats over a base coat from the same line plus my HG topcoat from NYC.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Aubergine

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Aubergine

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Aubergine

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Aubergine

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Aubergine

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Aubergine


This one reminds me a little of Rimmel (discontinued) Violet Metal shown here, which I also love, so I’m glad I have this one now!

Have a good week!

Space Matter NOTD – Love & Beauty!

Space Matter Love & Beauty

Space Matter Love & Beauty

Today’s NOTD is so far up my alley that it’s set up a lawn chair, cracked a beer, and has made itself comfy for a good, long stay. Space Matter is from Love & Beauty, Forever 21’s cosmetic line. And it is fantastic! Neutral but shiny with sparkles, edgy yet subtly so, this became an instant favourite.

Space Matter Love & Beauty

Space Matter Love & Beauty


Space Matter is a medium/dark grey with silver sparkles. The bottle has a large, square/cube lid and a large, but not flat, brush which made application a little trickier for me but not impossible. The formula dries quickly and was fine in two coats but three was better. I liked it both with and without a topcoat. Interested in seeing what this looks like with a matte topcoat in the future. Shown without, then with a topcoat.


Space Matter no topcoat

Space Matter no topcoat

Space Matter with topcoat

Space Matter with topcoat

Space Matter in sunlight

Space Matter in sunlight

Space Matter in sunlight

Space Matter in sunlight


Can’t wait to see how this brand wears. The pics above in sunlight are after a day’s wear. Best of all, it’s cheap too! I never thought I’d ever buy anything from Forever 21, let alone love it! I have a purple shimmery one coming up to share as well.

How’s everyone’s week? Survive April Fool’s Day?

Coral with Gold & White Buttons NOTD!

Hi there! This weekend’s overly rushed manicure is with Essie Sunday Funday, Avon Glimmer, and mystery white polish! How are you guys? I need some sleep. My neighbours are night-owls with iron shoes.


Enjoy your week!

More Minimalist NOTD!

Really liking this single dot nail art. There mere seconds it takes fits nicely with my schedule! For this round, I’ve used NYC Color in a Minute in Times Square (this is actually my second bottle, I like it so much! This incarnation is redder than it’s earlier counterpart which I used for this look here as well as this dotty experiment) and a Sally Hansen for the black dot. If you haven’t tried the NYC fast drying polish, you should! It’s $2 or less and dries faster and stays longer than any other fast drying versions I’ve tried!


Minimal effort, maximum impact! I like it! The pale version of this can be seen here!

Friday tomorrow!!

Simple St. Patrick’s Day NOTD!


What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day? I might have a glass of wine, tops, and head to bed early. I wanted to do something quickly on the weekend for festive nails and was feeling lucky, so I slapped some green polish on, with some nail dotter blobs intended to hopefully look like clover.

I used Revlon ColorStay in Jungle, Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Rags to Riches (terrible this whole line has been discontinued, it was fantastic!) and a mini Revlon in Garden.

Rimmel Rage to Riches, Revlon Jungle, Revlon Garden

Rimmel Rags to Riches, Revlon Jungle, Revlon Garden


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

And with a layer of Essie As Gold As It Gets on top because I can’t help myself. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s day on Tuesday! And here’s a link to my St. Patrick’s Day look from last year! :)


March Minimalist NOTD!


Hi! March is here and the days are beautiful here in the Vancouver area in the middle of the day lately, although early mornings and nights are still frozen. Makes it hard to get dressed for the weather in the morning! I have no place complaining knowing what the rest of Canada is like right now, hope you guys are ok over there!

I managed to find a small scrap of time to do my nails this week, and even more astoundingly, find a second scrap of time to post it! These are some very minimalist nails with Cover Girl Constant Candy and one single simple dot of  OPI Black Onyx. It was inspired by a black polka dot ribbon off a perfume bottle, modeled below for extra polka-dotty effect!





Has spring or better weather hit any of you guys yet?

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Teal & Gold NOTD


Finding myself with a bit of much needed quiet time, I decided to do a NOTD! I’ve missed them. Today’s nails have a tealy aqua-blue base with some gold dots. I used Reitman’s Aqua Mineral for the base and Avon Gel Finish 7 in 1 nail enamel for the dots. And of course my favourite NYC fast drying top coat.




I liked the results, super simple, easy and cute.

Hope you’re all doing well!

Some Sunscreen Bull Shite


A reblog from me is rare, but this one is highly worthy of sharing!

Originally posted on Realize Beauty:

Ok so I’ve been digging around in the world of sunscreen education / communication again and I saw this still going around:

UVA is for Ageing

UVB is for Burning

As if ‘we’ are participating in some simple fairy tale………

Well we are not five years old people, we are mature adults and UVA is NOT for ageing and UVB is NOT for burning.  The split between UVA and UVB is somewhat arbitrary in as much as the point in which one becomes another for SUNSCREENS sake is man-made.

What the skin sees is the sun in all its glory – a continuous stream of rays of varying wavelength, some short, some long and some in-between.  We need to think of sunlight as a symphony and not just a breakdown of its notes – quality based not quantity based.

OK so back to the A is ageing and B is…

View original 263 more words

Avon Gel Finish 7 in 1 Nail Enamel

Avon Gel Finish

Avon Gel Finish – Glimmer, Very Berry, Inked Up

Hi! I wanted to quickly share this Avon polish I tried recently! I didn’t have time to do full, shiny swatches for you but I did remember to take a picture of each one I hastily slapped on my nails on a busy work night! Simply put, this polish is pretty darn good. I’ve never worn gel polish, so I can’t make a direct comparison between that and this Avon one which claims to have “gel finish”. I will say that most polishes chip within a day, and is pretty unsightly within a couple of days. But not these ones! Each of the above shades stayed on my nails, with minimal chips, for a full work week. This is unheard of for me!

I picked up Glimmer, a beige gold with some micro flake glitter, Inked Up, a deep, dark inky navy blue creme without a spec of glitter, and Very Berry, a gorgeous perfect pinky purpley red. They applied smoothly, drying time was reasonable, wear time was fantastic and it even removed easily when I finally wanted to take it off. Below are some pictures taken quickly, first Very Berry (after a full day’s wear), then Inked Up, again after a day’s wear (covered in a gold flake top coat – sorry!) with Glimmer on the index finger.

Avon Gel Finish Very Berry

Avon Gel Finish Very Berry

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up, Glimmer

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up, Glimmer, gold flake top coat

I’m talking myself into getting more, this formula is great! If you’re into green shades, do yourself a favour and look up a swatch of the Avon Gel Finish in “Envy”, wow!

Enjoy your week!

Manuka Honey Peel-Off Face Mask by Montagne Jeunesse

Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask

Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask

I’m a bit particular about facial masks. My oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizing mask, plus I don’t see the point of slapping it on only to rinse it off a few minutes later. Mud masks perplex me as well. Despite occasionally (and very temporarily) improving my skin texture, I don’t see how it is possible for them to “draw out impurities” (whatever those are. Is it a mud attracting dirt theory?) But peel off masks I really like. They take along with them a layer of dead skin, leaving you looking fresher with less annoying dry winter skin flakies!

Tiffany from ObsessedCanada offered to send me a selection of Montagne Jeunesse face masks, and I was excited to pick out some peel off masks. As I only have one face, I will be featuring them one at a time in separate reviews. Today’s review is for the Manuka Honey one!

Back of Manuka Honey Mask Package

Back of Manuka Honey Mask Package

This mask really smells like honey. A very floral honey (jasmine). It is intense, but lovely, as I really like honey! This scent does linger after the mask is removed as well. The texture and colour is also very honey like, thankfully without as much stickiness. It smooths on evenly without any trouble, and dries to a thin, solid, easy to peel off finish.

Ingredients of Manuka Honey Mask

Ingredients of Manuka Honey Mask

I really enjoyed the smooth feel of my skin after this mask, and would absolutely use it again! I got 2 uses out of the package ($1.99) just by keeping the remainder left inside the package, folded over then in a zip bag. If you are into peel off masks and honey, give this a try! Montagne Jeunesse products are cruelty free and made in the UK. This package contained 10mls of mask.

Thanks again to ObsessedCanada. Looking forward to trying the rest of the masks!

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